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The simple charcoal grill – no moving parts, no screws, no frills

is made of solid 2.5 mm stainless steel plates cut with precision laser and is delivered including two cutting or serving boards made of waterproof glued beech. An eye-catching orange transport strap made in Saxony holds the two wooden boards together, which at the same time provides protection for the “grill plates” that are embedded in the two plates. A carrying handle facilitates transport.The grill area is a total of about 600 cm ² (about 20×30 cm), the weight is 5.2 kg (including wooden boards), which is sufficient for 10 vegetable skewers or 6 grill sausages or for a maximum of 4 whole fish in the fish grill grid or for 2 large steaks.The grill is rectangular, compact, small and stable. The surface is not damaged because the high quality material does not conduct the heat down. Therefore, the grill can also be changed during grilling.When combined, it is particularly space-saving and is particularly suitable for individualists who are mobile and do not want to miss out on barbecuing: for a picnic in the park or on the beach, for camping, for the small balcony, for a motorcycle trip or for boating.The material made of high quality stainless steel does not rust and can be cleaned well, the plates even fit in the dishwasher.


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Grilling in New York

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Barbecuing in NYC? Can you even do that? Yes - of course! Despite what happened in the past - America has still been able to keep some of the felt, unlimited possibilities. So you can grill in Central Park. Because of the nearby water, the area around the so-called Harlem Sea is recommended. As an alternative the "Great Hill" on the west side, because of the small tree population.