ZWEEnHALB  – the grill from Berlin.

2½ millimeters thick, built in under 2 ½ minutes, enough space to have a minimum of 2½ people – and weighs more than 2 ½ kilograms ? .. The grill, which are five plates to mate, ideal for sustainable grilling: always reusable, without rusting, and easy to clean, but also to transport dirty (closure in the two wooden boards!). The heat does not radiate down, the meadow, the underground are spared. Philipp Sack, industrial designer, has been looking for an answer to disposable disposable barbecues: Here it is!

The barbecue surprises in many ways: The designer has put emphasis on a material reduction and high functionality.

The grill consists of only five plates for plugging. The panels are easy to clean and the small overall size ensures minimal expansion of the material.

ZWEEnHALB Milimeter Wandstärke

Furthermore, the stability of the grill is guaranteed. Due to the sluggish conductivity of the thick stainless steel, the grill can even be touched and adjusted during the grilling process on the lower part (foot).
A highlight: A bottle opener is incorporated at the foot of the grill.

The grate itself consists of 5 mm to 5.7 mm tapered, flat struts, which have a distance of 8 mm. Again, the greatest emphasis was placed on functionality. Because the commercial struts are round, these are shallow, so that the grilled food residues scraped off excellent or can be removed from the dishwasher (for example, with a side panel).


The packaging – two 15-millimeter Multiplex beech plates – are at the same time a storage and chopping board. After fixing the two plates with the carrying strap, the grill can then take with you like a handbag thanks to a hand flattering carrying handle.

  • The grill was designed for a quick and easy installation! If it need to get fast!

  • There are no moving parts, nothing welded, no hinges. Nothing breaks, nothing jammed!

  • The flat grill is food safe and easy to clean.

  • The grill to take away for picnics, camping, motorcycle and short bike rides, a sailing trip or even well placed in the car, truck or on the balcony: always there to use any grill opportunity.

  • The suitcase-less suitcase grill, with the advantages of protective wrapping without the disadvantages of bulkiness!

  • The grill is a 100% made in Germany product.
    A small but fine manufactory cuts the 2.5 mm thick stainless steel plates with their precision laser machines. The Berlin Workshop for People with Disabilities (BWB) manufactures the custom-made wood panels, assembles the individual parts and packs the barbecue ready for delivery.
    The transport belt including a sturdy lock is manufactured by a craft shop in Saxony, which specializes in tension belts.

Order the grill simply online for 159,59 euros in the shop.
Philipp Sack
Industrial designer, sailor and avid griller. After searching for a suitable charcoal grill for a long time – and without result – he finally designed, developed and produced it himself:
Small, compact, stable, transportable, space-saving, chic, fair and high-quality, rust-free, easy to clean and durable.