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Package! Grill + tongs = save!


5 parts made of stainless steel 2,5 mm,
Weight: 5.2 kg,
Dimensions built up: H 23 cm x W 23,5 cm x L 31 cm
Packing dimensions:  H 3,5 cm (without boards: 1 cm) x B 34 cm x L 32,5 cm
Grill area 600cm² (20 cm x 30 cm with 5.5 mm stainless steel struts 7 mm spacing)
1.2 l combustion chamber,


Fits to the barbecue grill in the pack, but also totally compatible with other products, the 2 mm flat grill tongs. For turning, poking, turning and grill grate lift.

Two identical parts, flat collapsible, easy to stick, stainless spring steel!

We have designed our barbecue tongs so that they slide sideways under the food. In principle, like a spatula, just for the grill.

The lateral insertion of the pliers works very well on a flat grill grate. The grilled food is lifted from the grate, even sensitive grilled food such as fish and vegetables can be turned so easily

In stock


Simply good barbecue!

The grill consists of 2.5 mm (two, as the Berliner says so) stainless steel plates and is produced in Germany. The transportable portable grill is made from two waterproof 15-millimeter multiplex beech plates. These can also be used as a serving or cutting board.
Recesses in the bottom, or inside of the boards serve as compartments for the fuse plug-in spring pins.
The tension belt made in Saxony (width: 25 mm, with 450 daN) holds the two wooden boards together. A caressing handle makes the grill appear like a flat wooden bag.
The stainless steel plates are fixed in the boards by three steel cylinder pins (8 mm diameter, can be reordered in case of loss).
Dimensions built (without wooden panels): H 23 cm x W 23.5 cm x L31 cm
Packed with wooden panels: H 3.5 cm (without wooden panels: 1 cm) x W 34 cm x L 32.5 cm

FLACHwieFLUNDER (Flat like clod)

Matching the grill in the grill pack, but also fully compatible with other products, the 2 mm flat grill tongs. For turning, pricking, turning and lifting the grill grate.

Two identical parts, can be folded flat, easy to insert, stainless spring steel!

We have designed our grill tongs in such a way that they can be pushed sideways under the barbecue food. In principle like a spatula, only for the grill grate.

The lateral insertion of the tongs works very well on a flat grill grid. The grill material is lifted by the grate, even sensitive grill material such as fish and vegetables can be turned so simply.

For heavy barbecue food, the tongs should not be applied from above!

Important NOTE:

Stainless steel is a bad conductor of heat. The heat of the coal does not radiate down. The grill can be put without hesitation on the English lawn. Additional protection is provided by one of the two supplied wooden boards.
Nevertheless, the local regulations for barbecues should be observed.

Our tip for grilling at the water:
With a rope secured (!!!!) the grill can be dropped in the water for cooling down.

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Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 10 cm

2.5 mm stainless steel 1.4301 (X5CrNi18-10)
15 mm veneer panel beech, waterproofed to EN 314-2 class 3 (BFU 100)


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