At the discounter of trust he lay in the chest. The capital perch, fresh from the area of the Schöneberger Malzfabrik (maybe more later). Gutted and scaled – the latter would not have been necessary for grilling, and fresh! Simply salted, slightly tipped with olive oil. A little fresh coriander as a filling. Up on the grill! But this is a small challenge. The fish rejuvenates itself strongly, with a different accumulation of the coal I have created different temperature ranges. So the fish was then cooked evenly. Its important not to turn the fish too often. When the upper eye becomes glassy, it is time to turn first, while gently using a spatula (or our grilling pliers – coming soon), remove the fish from the grate and then turn.
The result? A poem, solid juicy and very tasty meat. Equal or better than a dorade from fish farming, but priced much more attractive!

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