As a passionate griller, you can also grilled passionately, wherever possible. When traveling, this is not always easy because of luggage limits. Thankfully, Turkish Airlines has relatively high baggage allowances. To give it up can be 30 kilos, 8 kilos can be taken in the cabin. Since the ZWEEnHALB barely on 😉. We took our grill this time to Cyprus to get the Turkish part to be more specific. Here there are still untouched beaches, an intoxicating nature and interesting places in the rest of the rest, especially in the east.There are almost everywhere fresh vegetables, fish and meat to buy. Ideal to populate the small travel grill.


Only one should be careful, here also applies in drought increased forest fire danger – it is best to look for a place by the sea without shrubs. Do not forget to take everything back with you! Or dispose of the garbage in suitable containers.The first picture shows the “ghost town” Varosha in the background – more information here:


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