Why is the banana crooked and the grill so small?

Why is the banana crooked and the grill so small?

The answer is simple, you already know from childhood! It is just as true for fried sausages, they are also crooked – because if they were straight, they would be

no more bananas!
would roll too easily from the grill!
But what does not allow the conclusion that everything is crooked:

  • does not roll off the grill.
  • can be grilled!
  • grilled bananas are for everyone!

Just as a well-known cartoon character from France (yes, the little village) reacts slightly upset, when he is said to be a little overweight, we respond with the desire to correct when the term “small” falls in the context of our stainless steel grill!

He is not small – he is compact! Above all: he is compactly folded, nice and flat to keep the grill! So the design specification was ?

We wanted a grill that you can take with you, on the way in the park, camping, in the motorhome, the boat, etc. Here, anything thicker than 3 cm is fast to pack nuisance.

The grill was even once a 12-member team on the trip with grilled sausages supplied!

Our idea of ​​this grill is also – so you do not need to be able to do anything at home in the pan or the oven is better.

So a niche product (even fits in 3 cm niches !!) for those who know what they want!

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