Of course – classic charcoal has its justification, as it also has a longer burning time. One should pay attention to the origin. Rather unsuitable for the balcony, because of the usually strong smoke and odour development. Inferior coals can be unpleasant due to flying sparks!

Charcoal briquettes are pressed from charcoal dust. A binding agent is used here. The briquettes usually burn worse, but they have a longer glowing phase. It is recommended to take a close look at the contents. Some manufacturers add lignite, which does not always meet the olfactory expectations!

Corn spindle – pure upcycling. The corn spindle left over from the recycling of the corn cobs only needs to be dried and produces a high-quality fuel. It is easy to light, even without a fireplace, burns out quickly and is clean (no black fingers!) Only disadvantage – the embers are rich only for 40-50 minutes – for the 4 cm thick steak must be added. The spindles are ideal for a quick and uncomplicated grilling experience!

Another recycled product is carbon from the shells of the coconut. These are available in different sizes and shapes. They do not burn so well without a fireplace, but the embers last for several hours. The long transport route is certainly not so positive for the life cycle assessment. Many coconut palms are planted in deforested rainforest areas to produce a proportion of biofuels. However you may think, a look at the origin is certainly not wrong!

Grill coals made from olive stones are also upcycling. The waste from olive oil production used to be thrown away. Now clean burning and odourless briquettes are produced!


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