Wir haben etwas experimentiert. Großes Fleisch auf kleinem Grill – geht das überhaupt?


An excellent T-bone steak from a heifer from Brandenburg. Freshly delivered by the meat rebels (who – as the first hardware in their program, can now also bring our grill!)

The steak grilled on the ZWEENHALB and fired with MAISTERS corn charcoal.

We decided on a 1.2 kilo cut. With the bone that surely only few will eat, this is sufficient for 2-4 eaters, depending on hunger and side dishes.

T-Bone Färse

Despite the autumnal temperatures, the 40-45 minutes of glowing maize coal are sufficient. Nevertheless, the steak should be laid on immediately after firing, when no large flames are visible. Our steak was super juicy, taste-intensive and needed only a little salt and pepper, but also nothing spices.

The result?

Super meat, super taste – well grilled! Simply good is simply good!

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