In the early afternoon hours, a fresh and gusty wind makes for a quick extinction of the matches or a good burning of the charcoal. Absent irrigation allows for an even heat development under the grill. The moderate UV exposure can be used for a safe outdoor stay. However, meat tomatoes with sensitive to sensitive skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight without adequate protection. The coarse-grained hail, which begins towards the early evening, can be collected and can be used for later cooling of the digestives.

Heavy rainfall in some areas with rainfall up to 280 liters of m² is also predicted to reduce the risk of forest fires, even for the most imprudent grills. Since it is due to the rains locally to overflows, used dishes should be stored outdoors. It is naturally soaked with soft limestone water.
Please note: grilling in cellar rooms is dangerous! In the past it has been shown that many cellars were flooded in heavy rain! Until the fire brigade arrives, the wood-burning fire has long since been extinguished.

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