For these reasons we think we have the ideal grill for on the go.

  • No chrome-plated grill grid! Our grill is made of stainless steel – it does not rust and is food safe. An examination of chrome-plated grill articles revealed an increased migration of nickel in 33% and a low migration of nickel in 48%. A noticeable amount of nickel was released by so-called grilled fish holders, especially during the examination. Here the risk of contamination of the food by nickel is particularly high, as the removal of metals by acidic marinades – for example by the addition of lemon – is favoured. When fish barbecue – then it goes very well on our flat grid!

  • No plastic on the grill! We think plastic can still be “Duro” – it cannot withstand heat. Thermosets cannot be recycled.

  • No paint, no enamel, no coating! Pure stainless steel does not need to be treated. Who wants can remove coarse impurities also with the “Flex” – the grill can withstand that! It can’t scratch anything, it can’t chip anything. Stainless steel can be 100% recycled!

  • No temperature setting! True to the sailor’s motto: what does not serve the speed is useless! With different accumulations of fuel you can easily and wonderfully create different temperature zones. If necessary, the grill grid can be moved or twisted on the grill (easiest with our grill tongs!) The advantage: no moving part that can jam, tilt or get lost!

  • Flatter is hardly possible! Less than three centimetres in collapsed condition – but then set up in a few seconds! No one’s gonna copy us that fast. Some barbecues reach this pack size if you drive over it with the SUV, but the setup time increases dramatically after these actions!

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