Sardinen vom Grill

Fresh from the grill, they are delicious, also quite cheap. The preparation is simple. For one kilo of sardines, three cloves of garlic are pounded, the three grains of coarse-grained sea salt are mixed with three teaspoons, and the whole is mixed with two three handfuls of breadcrumbs. This comes in a bowl, the sardines turn until all the fish are uniformly covered. Now you pack all close to a food holder, there are fish and sausages. As you can see in the photo, we use one that is designed for much bigger fish. In order to keep them all slippery, the sides were quickly tired with bind wires.
Then just go to the grill. It does not need to be grilled anymore. Important: You should arrange the fish in the grill food holder so that the filled fish surface also corresponds to the grill area;)
Then turn it several times until everything is golden brown. Remove any binding wire tiling with the side cutter, taking care that the wire does not mix with the fish! Fish out of the holder and up on the plate.
How is a sardine? The size makes professional filleting difficult. Who likes to scrape the halves of the bones with the fork. Personally, I only remove the head, fish on the tail fin and pure in the mouth. Real Finger food!
This Sunday we had sardines from the Mediterranean and something larger from the French Atlantic. In fact, they have been tastier.
Only after the purchase, I had informed myself about fishing areas. Mediterranean and Moroccan regions are overfished, so it is important to consider whether the purchase of fish from vulnerable areas is necessary.

Have fun with the grilling

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