A trip from Greifswald, through the Szczecin Lagoon and back to the Greifswald Bodden along the Baltic Sea coast. Besides everything else – there were also great barbecue places here. Beautifully situated at the pier of the city harbour in Uckermünde. We had to promise the harbour master not to dirty the well-kept granite wall – it’s no problem with TWO and a half. We also had a bag of Maisters with us, burns quickly and does not sap the grill.

Uckermünde Stadthafen

In Stepnica, the very nice harbour master also rushed to Stepnica – when we wanted to ask, she wasn’t in the newly built and very chic harbour building, but had nothing against grilling on the jetty, because we have board underneath and our used “coal” doesn’t splash.

Stepnica Hafen

Another tip for all sailors and motorboaters on the Szczecin Lagoon – right next to the marina is the fishing port of Stepnica, where at the end of the harbour basin there is a filling station which is served by the car filling station a few meters away.

Last place at the marina in Kröslin – here there is a specially laid out grill and picnic area, very idyllically situated in the reeds.

Marina KröslinBaltic Sea Resort

We could have had a barbecue in the newly built city harbour of Szczecin,

Stettin Stadthafenor in the marina of Swinemünde. By the way, campers and boats lie peacefully next to each other.

Swinemünde Yachthafen


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