A requirement for our barbecue was the space-saving transport possibility. The approximately 2.8 cm flat package fits almost everywhere. With us also in the baggage (only pay attention to the maximum weight of each airline!)

So the grill came to the Canary Islands and allowed carefree barbecues. What was extensively used to prepare the sensational fresh and very delicious seafood itself.

Grilled octopus is especially tasty. There are many recipes to get the soft and grilled. Here the simple and safe variant. Sauté the gutted octopus (beak and eyes) with a few slices of lemon and garlic and some olive oil in a large enough pot without any further liquid (!). (Alternatively, marinate an octopus for a few hours in a lemon garlic lake.)

The octopus loses about 30% of its weight when heated as a liquid. That’s enough to cook the octopus for about 15-10 minutes with the lid closed.

For grilling, the tentacles are separated from the carcass and everything is dabbed dry.

Oktopus auf dem Grill
Serve with: Papas Arrugadas!

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