Grill up, fill in charcoal, light, wait for the embers – in 18 minutes? Yes, that works – we tested in our high tech outdoor barbecue laboratory.

Incidentally, in the video you can also see how well the grill tester is multitasking

What we used as fuel is environmentally friendly corn spindles. They burn very fast, have a good glow that lasts for 30-40 minutes, and you do not get dirty hands when filling the grill.

When lit, there is hardly any smoke or the usual smell of coal. Ideal for a park and picnic. On the balcony you should absolutely make sure that no flammable things are nearby. The flames are higher than the conventional charcoal.

Of course, the corncob will not replace charcoal in all cases. When buying charcoal, however, should also be paid to sustainability! (As with the barbecue purchase)

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