The pumpkin that will be smiling at us in the next Halloween nights was originally a turnip. The devil, beside some glowing coal, gave it to the Irish villain Jack Oldfield so that he could get away from the devil as fast as possible, because he had cheated him, too.

There were less turnips in America, more pumpkins – so Irish emigrants put them in front of the house illuminated with candles instead of coal.

Much to the chagrin of Saint Martin, because the Martinssingen, named after him, is more and more forgotten. Probably out of grief he specialized in the roasting of geese….

But: You can also grill pumpkin wonderfully! Especially the Cucurbita moschata, also known as Butternut Squash or Peanut Pumpkin.

Simply cut into approx. 1 cm thick slices, salt a little, on the grill rack, turn once if lightly browned. Both sides brown? Done! Yoghurt with chopped fresh coriander and a pinch of curry goes well with this!

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