Pumpkins are a seasonal item – especially for Halloween, many are unfortunately only bought as a decorative item, hollowed out and carved into scary grimaces. What happens to the pumpkin meat? Often it ends up in the trash, in the best case still on the compost.

But it gets better. Grilling squash – most of you have heard of that, but pumpkin flesh patties? The Selfmade Beyond Beef Burger, so to speak.

Is also relatively easy. For

  • 400 grams of pumpkin meat is still to be had
    1 – if possible grated onion
    1 egg
    6 tablespoons of flour
    Chopped chilli pepper
    Curry to taste
    A few cilantro leaves
    salt and pepper
    The pumpkin meat is grated without seeds, mixed with the ingredients to a solid mass and then formed into solid patties. Possibly add some flour or cornflour.

When grilling make sure that the embers are not too hot.

Have fun

Foto: S. Hermann & F. Richter auf Pixabay

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