Under certain heat certain conditions chemical reactions can take place faster. If there is an acidic or alkaline environment, you’ll have something like a fast breeding environment. In many cases this is desirable when cooking, frying and grilling, but it can also be different. Metallic compounds such as aluminum or nickel and chromium can combine to form less healthy substances. Similarly, increased amounts of the dissolved metals could also be absorbed with the food.

What are the alternatives?

Delicate foods are wrapped in foil wrapped on the grill. But it is also environmentally friendly and healthier. Banana leaves are a simple alternative. However, if you continue to think about sustainability, you should avoid local solutions such as chard, cabbage, rhubarb or vine leaves!

On a planar stainless steel grate, as with our grill is also partly without tools. Fish or fish fillet with skin can be long grilled on the skin side. It only needs to be turned once with a flat spatula. Due to the smooth surfaces, the fish does not “stick”

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