Can you even do that? Yes – of course! Despite what happened in the past – America has still been able to keep some of the felt, unlimited possibilities. So you can grill in Central Park. Because of the nearby water, the area around the so-called Harlem Sea is recommended. As an alternative the “Great Hill” on the west side, because of the small tree population.

However, it is only allowed on three days a year:

  1. Memorial Day, the last Monday in May – commemoration day in honour of those who died in the war for the fatherland.
  2. Independence – Day, July 4, commemorating the ratification of the Declaration of Independence of the United States by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Arrival of extraterrestrial combat ships is not an official part of the holiday.
  3. Labor Day, always on the first Monday in September
    Before the barbecue you can pass the time with fishing! Right, fishing is allowed in Central Park, just catch the fish right on the grill – that’s not possible. You have to throw the caught fish back into the water.

In New York City, the use of charcoal grills is generally allowed on terraces or in backyards, but not on roofs and balconies.

In other parks there are public barbecue areas, a current list can be found here:

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