This game fish is perfect for grilling, as a whole fish. The gutted fish does not need much further treatment. Some salt in the fish is enough. It has also proved useful to mix finely pureed garlic with olive oil in the sliced ​​fish.

We like to grill with corn coals, which burns quickly and smoke-free. A filling is good enough for the preparation.

The easiest way to start the corn coals with some liquid lighter. This can also be well transplanted into small screw jars for the picnic in the park or on the riverbank. Pour over it, wait a bit until it moves in and then light it. After a while then the flasks “stir” – our barbecue tongs are ideal for this.

Then place the grill. If you rub the rust with half an onion, you can be sure that hardly anything sticks.

Now hang up the fish. Here patience is required, after three to five minutes, the fish should be turned. The skin has now reached a good tan, the eyes should be at least milky white. Also for turning is FLACHwieFLUNDER course very suitable, you can push as with a spatula between grill and fish and lift the fish from the rust. He is now turned and then durchgegart on the still raw side again 3-4 minutes.

If the fish has been turned too early and is not cooked through on one side, you can help yourself with a simple trick so that the fish does not stick to the grate. Lift the fish, turn it over and place one or two thin slices of lemon or tomato on the grid, then place the fish on top.

Good luck, good appetite!

Serve with a light tomato mozzarella salad and a few slices of olive-rosemary baguette.

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