It does not always have to be meat or fish, vegetables can also be grilled, just like mushrooms. The frequently recommended aluminium foil can – at least with our grill – be safely dispensed with.

That’s what you need: Mushrooms – preferably the larger ones, possibly a fresh rosemary branch.

That’s the way: Clean the mushrooms with a kitchen paper, place them directly on the grill grid and turn them over from time to time. Rosemary under the mushroom gives the whole a pleasant aroma

The grill grid is flat, i.e. with a spatula or our great grilling tongs you can reach directly under the grill goods. It’s a great way to turn the mushroom.

Alternatively, the mushrooms can also be lined up on a wooden or metal skewer, if possible watered so that it does not start to burn. With a piece of vegetable such as peppers, courgettes or an onion you also have a super tasty and very simple vegetarian grill dish.

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