Grilled fresh fish is always a delicacy, also easier to prepare as some think. Zander, sea bass or the local trout, everything goes. Importantly – the fish should be fresh. Not every fishmonger will like to see it, if you press your finger on the fish skin to see if it comes back elastic. Therefore, a look in the eyes – if they are clear and still slightly curved outward should be fresh goods. Cloudy eyes do not necessarily mean that the fish is bad, but during transport ice or pressure may have caused turbidity. Then a look in the gills, dark red and moist shiny is good. The smell test, fish should not smell like fish, at the most after sea or lake!

Fresh fish is often weighed completely and the price is calculated by weight, only then the fish is excluded and, if necessary, also scaled. Whether the head should stick to it or not is not only a question of the Grilllgröße, also the personal preferences. I prefer to let him know why – more on that later.

The lateral fins should be pruned, back and tail fins can.

Before grilling, the fish is seasoned. For example, garlic, salt lemon juice and coriander mixture into the abdominal cavity, the skin slightly salted and off on the preheated grill.

Fisch zubereitet


The grill grate of the ZWEEnHALB is flat, no round bars on which delicate sets more easily. Therefore, the fish as a whole can grill on one side. If necessary, the grill can be rotated on the grill using our FLACHwieFLUNDER barbecue tongs to take advantage of different temperature ranges. (For this, the two halves of the barbecue tongs are hooked into the grate!)

If the meat of the half lying on the grid is no longer glazed (look into the abdominal cavity), the fish can be turned gently. In thinner fish (sea bass), this is indicated by the opacity of the eye facing upwards.

For this purpose, either a flat lifter – or our FLACHwieFLUNDER is led parallel to the grate under the fish and carefully lifted from the grate. The fish is turned and cooked to the end. The cooking time is slightly lower after turning than for the first half.

Importantly – the fish should only be turned once! Turning the fish several times causes the fish skin to break up and the fish to disintegrate.

Good Appetite!

Gegrillter Fisch

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