The question could almost become a hot topic. A common interpretation is:

Barbecuing is direct cooking. Only the rust is between barbecue food and embers – but some also leave out the rust!

BBQ then the indirect grilling accordingly. The food then only receives radiated heat on the grill. The assumption that indirect grilling takes place automatically with a kettle grill is wrong, if the food is not placed laterally beside the projected contact point of the food (what a set!) it is always a matter of direct grilling!

Where does the word barbecue come from?

There are several theses, here the most well-known:

  1. From the vocabulary of a Haitian Indian tribe, the word means “roast a meat skewer over a fire.
  2. In America around the 17th century French trappers put whole bison on the grill (which we would advise against today), that was called “barbecue-à-queue”: “from beard to tail”.
  3. The Mexican-Spanish word was derived from the indigenous term buccan, which originally only meant the wooden grid on which the meat was cooked. The term buccaneer for buccaneers and pirates suggests that this group of people liked to grill ;)
  4. In the southern states – especially North and South Carolina – the meat cooking methods mixed with those of slaves of African origin in addition to the population. The Hausa called crickets “babbake”, with the complex meaning of cooking, frying, burning hair and feathers, long cooking and great fire.

Was denkt ihr woher der Begriff Barbecue kommt?

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