Even if the responsibility of a grill tongs is enormous – their tasks are as straightforward as they are essential: Push, move, turn, check and remove the food on the grill. So naturally it is part of the whole barbecue process and extended arm of the barbecue. That’s why it must lie well in the hand and also have grilled meat, whether sausage, vegetables or meat safely under control.

FLACHwieFLUNDER is an unpretentious grill tongs. It is small and flat and consists at first sight only of two punched out stainless steel plates. However, if these are tilted into each other at the rear end, a multi-talent is created in fractions of a second and by means of ingenious know-how: Cool appearance paired with high functionality, space-saving, easy to handle and usable for several purposes. At one end she stays cool while playing with the fire at the other. Incidentally, it is 100% made in Berlin, designed by industrial designer Philipp Sack.

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