A few years ago in Berlin

It was not all better, it was different. For example, there was no sensible stainless steel grill. But there was a hot summer! What could be better than having a barbecue on the Havel shore? Drink a more or less cooled beer and dip your feet into the Havel.

I do not remember what barbecue we used then. I only remember – we were hungry, we had grilled, we had eaten! Then the boys came from the Berlin Forests. The first were pleased that the forest still existed – defies our frivolous grilling under the spruce, but insisted on extinguishing the embers, no longer use the grill and show the (in West Berlin makeshift identity card).

At the deposited in this address then a small cost note was sent. In retrospect, I have to say that the two forest inspectors were gracious – they only let a scapegoat on which the order was sent with a useable remittance slip.

We had then paid the sum together, a small fortune for those times.

Now that Berlin has become the capital, a lot has changed. There is a good barbecue, among other things, but there are also many people who can not afford to grill.

A few years ago you did not exist – the mattresses under the bridges, the tents in the park, those who have to beg for food in subway and suburban train.

Let’s give something off, we divide. We give the idea, the work and you the sticker. A pack of three. The two and a half euros for the three, we then give to the Berlin Tafel. We think the money here is well laid out that volunteers can send good and fresh food – which would otherwise not be used, to the needy.

We finance design and stickers, you give with each set of 3 stickers two and a half euros to the Berlin Tafel.

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