Grilling can be dangerous – when you grill in closed rooms! Hazardous carbon monoxide, which is produced during the combustion of charcoal, can not peel off in enclosed areas, even if the windows and doors are open. Proper indoor grills are probably not, even if some are sold so!

The tricky: Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless and spreads out so unintentionally. Smoke detectors do not protect, they do not react to the gas.

Also the grill with hot coal to cool inside is not a good idea. Unless the posthumous one wants to claim the Darwin price. ;)

Even more knowledgeable around the barbecue, which also treated less dangerous topics we have put together here in a book list. Most links go to Kindle Ebooks. This is paper-free – then the trees can be used better for the charcoal production;) It can be used then for the grill, in the park, in the meadow, at the Tempelhofer field, the balcony, the terrace, at the lake – just outside!

Grillen ist Krieg!
Grillen ohne Tier!
365 Grilltage!
Richtig Grillen!
Chili Sauce selbst gebaut!
Life Hacks!
Wünsch dir Wurst!
Campers Kockbuch

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