Because we find the MAISTERS charcoal replacement scoop so good and environmentally friendly, there is to everyone Pliers a 3kg introductory package! Without surcharge, without double floor, without test bench manipulation! The only catch – we do not have so much of the corn spindles, when the are gone, the offer is over!

Check it out!

One more note about our FlatLadies BBQ Tongs : It is best used like a spatula. Push it under the food, hold it with the tongs and then turn it around the horizontal axis. So even sensitive fish or vegetable skewer can be turned around nicely.


30,00plus postage
  • The standard package


30,00Incl. Porto and corncobs!
  • 30% savings!

If you already have a great barbecue , you still want to what is on the grid is now and then turn. You even have to, if you do not want to attract the displeasure of those who are grilled.

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