Grills get dirty, is just like that. Today at the official grill start on the Tempelhofer field, there were many people who came with a grill. Who grilled had then a dirty, somewhat greasy and sooty grill to transport. We do not know in which bags, cloths or boxes that need to be wrapped, how many trouser legs are soiled, seat pads become spotty. But we know how easy it can go. The grill disassembled, laid between the two wooden plates and finished. Nothing dirty or greasy or sooty sticky on the outsides. Could you also transported in the Alcantara lined trunk home without this to have to clean afterwards (Which concerns only people who have a trunk like that …). But also, BVG upholstery and Regio Bahn seats are not soiled. It’s a fine thing! Unpacked t home and put into the dishwasher, or the sink to soak.

The frequently asked question, what do you do with the hot coals when you go? Quite simply, when you have finished grilling you can quickly make friends, give others who are just trying to light their barbecue the embers. The grill can easily be transported on the lower sides, these will not be hot!

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