Easter BBQ recipe – grilled eggs! According to traditional South East Thai recipe! It is easy, only with the drilling of the eggshell shell you have to be careful.

Preparation: Wash 12 eggs well and dry. On the pointed side, drill a hole in the shell, preferably with a stuffing needle. The hole should be about 8 mm in diameter, then you can shake egg white and egg yolk from the bowl into a bowl. With a garlic clove, some coriander, 2 teaspoon pepper, 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, 1 teaspoon of fish sauce and a scotch mix well. All ingredients must be cut so small that you can pour the whole mass back into the eggshells. Now all eggs have to be filled – leave some air as the mass expands. Then cook in a top with water for a few minutes, standing! The best is the egg box! (Twice Six-Pack) The eggs then cold. For the grill aromas, gently bake the eggs on a bamboo or shish kebab. Pass the spit through the egg through the already drilled hole. Three eggs per spit. These skewers can then be placed on the hot charcoal grill for a few minutes.  Don’t forget to turn them to avoid burning the eggshell.

You can try the dish from  Zack – the grill at April 29th  on the Tempelhofer field!

Good appetite – Happy Easter!

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