Is the grill tongs stable?2017-12-12T22:36:18+01:00

The barbecue tongs are laser-cut from 1.4310 spring steel.

Grade 1.4310 has a high strength and tendency to work-hardening. The material 1.4310 or X10CrNi18-8 is a stainless, austenitic steel. According to the straight-line analysis, this stainless steel contains 0.05 – 0.15% carbon, max. 2.0% silicon, max. 2.0% manganese, max. 0.045% phosphorus, max. 0.015% sulphur, 16.0 – 19.0% chromium, max. 0.8% molybdenum, 6.0 – 9.5% nickel and max. 0.11% nitrogen. The carbon content of 0.05 – 0.15 % results in the development of chromium carbides and chromium-poor areas which impair the resistance to intergranular corrosion. With a PREN value of 16.0 to 23.4, however, the chrome-nickel steel has good corrosion resistance. Although the corrosion resistance is lower than that of grade 1.4301 due to the low addition of nickel, 1.4310 is still well resistant in ordinary foods and beverages. 1.4310 is used for highly stressed springs for temperatures up to 300°C, Dutch knives and sheet metal for vehicle construction.

We have designed our grilling tongs in such a way that they are pushed laterally under the food to be grilled. Basically like a spatula, only for the grill grid.

The lateral insertion of the tongs works very well on a flat grill grid. The food is lifted from the grill, even sensitive food such as fish and vegetables can be turned over so easily.

Will I get spare parts?2017-12-05T19:24:55+01:00

If something breaks, something has been lost or the cutting boards have become unsightly – no problem! Everything can be ordered!

Is the grill grate adjustable in height?2017-12-05T19:20:41+01:00

The grill grate is not height-adjustable. We have deliberately chosen this solution. In our experience, a height adjustment makes sense only if the adjustment range is more than 5-10 centimeters. This can hardly be achieved with a compact grill.

We therefore recommend – like many other barbecue manufacturers whose products also no height-adjustable grids – the method of coal distribution. One half of the tub filled with more, the other filled with few briquettes. So you have a zone for frying and a garzone with lower temperature.

What is the right temperature for grilling?2017-12-05T19:16:30+01:00

To measure the temperature you can use the simple towel, please note that you have a hot glow – please take care of your hand and note that you do not hold flammable substances over it. At a distance of about 12 cm above the glow the following rule of thumb applies:

Heat Temperature range After this time you pull your hand away
severe 230 to 290 centigrade 2 to 4 seconds
medium 170 to 230 centigrade 5 to 7 seconds
low 120 to 170 centigrade 8 to 10 seconds
What about ash or embers, can it fall out?2017-12-05T19:08:17+01:00

From the openings, ash can slip downwards. In very rare cases also some embers.

We recommend to place one of the two wooden boards (with the recesses) under the grill. The side with the recesses should point upwards.

We have used the first prototype in frequent use for two years. This stands on a wooden podium. The ash falling from the grill has not previously led to fire spots on the wood surface.

Should the wood plate nevertheless once burn marks could be simply ground off. Replacement boards can of course be ordered at any time.

Does the grill fit into the dishwasher?2017-12-05T19:04:58+01:00

Dishwashers can accommodate place settings Place settings according to the European standard EN 50242)
To test the loading capacity of household dishwashers, the following serving part is also used, among other things: an oval plate 32 cm (for dishwashers with a capacity of seven or more measuring covers: 1 oval plate 35 cm)
The biggest barbecue part is: 297.5 x 315.8 x 2.5 mm!


How much coal do I need?2017-12-05T19:02:29+01:00

The grill is very effective. This means you need only a few coals (preferably pure charcoal – no briquettes!) For grilling. For heating, a small pile of coal is best formed on one side. If you prefer solid grill lighters put the coals on one side over the burning lighter. When the charcoal is burnt (white ash layer all around), you can spread it with a corner of the grill grate – then place the grill grate.
The grill should be filled to the upper edge of the openings on the narrow side.

What makes the grill so special?2017-12-05T18:52:56+01:00

In contrast to other grills, our charcoal grill has no moving parts. No hinges, no welds, no screws and no rivets. Nothing can fall off, tear, jam or loosen. Especially in the case of changing thermal loads which are exposed to a grill, these are the weak points the grill does not have!

The grill can be operated with all common solid fuel. No expensive specialty briquettes or coals.

The grill also works without batteries and blowers! There are no APPs, no thermometers or thermostats.

Why is the grill so environmentally friendly?2017-12-05T18:43:02+01:00

On the one hand – because it is kind to the environment! If it stands filled with burning charcoal on the meadow the grass roots will not be damaged. Stainless steel conducts the heat badly – so it remains cool under the grill, for extended protection, one of the cutting boards can be used as a support.

On the other hand, it is durable! It can not rust, it lasts for decades! And if it should be discarded – pure stainless steel is always recyclable without loss!

Household items made of stainless steel are food safe, free of plasticizers and BPA and dishwasher-safe

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