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Martina Müller
Martina MüllerHead of PR

Contact person for PR and sales

  • The grill was designed for a quick and easy installation! So it’s fast to get the sausage grilled!

  • There are no moving parts, nothing welded, no hinges. Nothing breaks, nothing jammed!

  • The flat grill is food safe and easy to clean.

  • The grill to take away for picnics, camping, motorcycle and short bike rides, a sailing trip or even well placed in the car, truck or on the balcony: always there to use every grill opportunity.

  • The suitcase-less suitcase grill, with the advantages of protective wrapping without the disadvantages of bulkiness!

  • The grill is a 100% made in Germany product.
    A small but fine manufactory cuts the 2.5 mm thick stainless steel plates with their precision laser machines. The Berlin Workshop for People with Disabilities (BWB) manufactures the custom-made wood panels, assembles the individual parts and packs the barbecue ready for delivery.
    The transport belt including a sturdy lock is manufactured by a craft shop in Saxony, which specializes in tension belts.

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