Ein Entwurf für Ästheten ZWEEnHALB Umweltfreundlich 2.5 mm Edelstahl fünf Platten zum Zusammenstecken Der einfache Holzkohle-Grill ZWEEnHALB ohne bewegliche Teile ohne Schrauben ohne Schnickschnack Als Balkongrill, für Park, Picknick und Bootssteg. ZWEEnHALB Für die Beherrscher der Glut Für Balkoniker, Parkbrutzler und Festlandgriller In praktischer Holzverpackung, nutzbar als Schneidbrett! Kein Einweg, kein Wegwerf ZWEEnHALB Für Individualisten 100% Edelstahl Designed and Made in Berlin Ein Entwurf für Ästheten ZWEEnHALB Umweltfreundlich 2.5 mm Edelstahl fünf Platten zum Zusammenstecken Mehr wissen! Gleich bestellen!
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The simple charcoal grill – no moving parts, no screws, no frills

is cut from solid 2.5 mm stainless steel plates with precision laser and comes with two cutting or serving boards made of waterproof glued beech. A striking orange transport belt made in Saxony holds the two wooden boards together, which at the same time forms protection for the “grill plates” which are embedded in the two plates. A carrying handle facilitates transport.

The total grill area is approx. 600 cm² (approx. 20×30 cm), the weight is 5.2 kg (incl. wooden boards), which is sufficient for 10 vegetable skewers or 6 grill sausages or for a maximum of 4 whole fish in the fish grill grid or for 2 large steaks.

The grill is rectangular, compact, small and stable. The substrate is not damaged because the high-quality material does not conduct the heat downwards. That is why the grill can also be changed during the barbecue.
When folded, it is particularly space-saving and is particularly suitable for individualists who are mobile and do not want to do without grilling on the road: for picnics in the park or on the beach, for camping, for the small balcony, for a motorcycle excursion or for boating.
The material made of high-quality stainless steel does not rust and is easy to clean, the plates even fit in the dishwasher.

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  • The grill has been designed for quick and easy installation! So it’s quick to get to the sausage!

  • There are no moving parts, nothing welded, no hinges. Nothing breaks, nothing jammed!

  • The flat grill is food safe and easy to clean.

Grill and accessories

That’s what the users say

I have had the grill under coal several times with different people


Everyone is enthusiastic about the design and above all the functionality!


Absolutely sophisticated and visually outstanding product!

I’m thrilled!!!


.. Finally, the grill was subjected to a first test.

Has fully passed!

Würstchen haben hervorragend geschmeckt.



Reduced for grilling
Stainless steel can endure

assembly time!

Details and numbers

The grill consists of 2.5 mm stainless steel plates and is produced in Berlin. Two waterproof 15 mm multiplex beech panels serve as transport packaging. These can also be used as a serving or cutting board.
Recesses in the bottom and inside of the boards serve as compartments for the safety pins and for the stainless steel plates of the grill.
The stainless steel plates are fixed in the boards by three wooden dowels (6 mm diameter, can be re-ordered if lost).
Dimensions assembled (without wooden plates): H 23 cm x W 23.5 cm x L31 cm
Packed with wooden plates: H 3.5 cm (without wooden plates: 1 cm) x W 34 cm x L 32.5 cm
The simple construction here in the video.

Important notice:
Stainless steel is a bad heat conductor. The heat of the coal does not radiate downwards. The grill can be placed on the English lawn without hesitation. One of the two wooden boards supplied also serves as additional protection.
However, the local regulations for grilling should be strictly observed.

Our tip for grilling near water:
Secured with a rope (!!!!!) the grill can be kept in the water to cool down and the charcoal can be disposed of!
In the park: Just give your neighbours the preheated charcoal.

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